Resolving the 'Connection Failed' error

If you are trying to activate Trim Enabler 3 on an older version of macOS, you may encounter the error "Invalid input or no internet connection". This error occurs because Trim Enabler (and macOS Lion or older) use a now-outdated version of the Internet Transport Security Layer protocol, TLS 1.0.

As of late 2018, our servers (and most around the world) are starting to drop TLS 1.0 support in favor of the new TLS 1.2 and 1.3 versions. This means that Trim Enabler is unable to communicate with our license activation server.


For users encountering this issue, we have created an offline activation tool. You can download the activation tool together with legacy Trim Enabler versions here.

The tool works just like the activation inside the app. Launch it, and you will be prompted to enter your license and email.

Legacy Trim Enabler
Legacy Trim Enabler Activation

Once the activation is complete, the tool will exit. You can now launch Trim Enabler and use all the premium features.