Activating older versions bundled with Trim Enabler 4

If you purchase Trim Enabler 4, you will receive access to the older Trim Enabler 2 and Trim Enabler 3 as well.

The link to download these versions will be in your order email, but you can also get them here: Download Trim Enabler 2 and 3

The Trim Enabler 2 download does not require a license key, but for Trim Enabler 3 you must request a secondary license from us. You can not use your Trim Enabler 4 license to activate it.

Trim Enabler 3 Secondary license

If you purchased Trim Enabler 4 and need a Trim Enabler 3 license, please check the order email you received from Paddle. It will be included under the "Instructions" section further down in the email.

"Connection failed: Invalid input or not internet connection" error

You may experience issues trying to activate older versions of Trim Enabler on older versions of macOS. If you are having errors about invalid input or missing internet connection, please see: Resolving the 'Connection Failed' error