Cindori Team
Cindori TeamJune 1, 2022

Cindori launches new website

Cindori announces the release of, a brand new company website and blog.
Cindori launches new website

New Website

We're super excited to announce the release of our new website: After being in development for nearly a year, it's finally here!


Cindori was founded in 2013, and since then we've powered our online presence at using WordPress. The site has been going strong for almost a decade now, but it’s time for something new.

When we started the journey of designing a new website, we had four main goals that we wanted to achieve:

  • Modernizing and redesigning our website experience
  • Provide more information about our apps
  • Improve the customer experience with better support features
  • Give back to the community of Mac enthusiasts and fellow Apple developers

After months of deliberation and testing, we finally decided to develop a brand new website in-house using NextJS.


The website now features a brand new Blog, which will focus on Apple Developer & User oriented content. We will be publishing articles and guides for troubleshooting issues with your Mac, but also about developing with Swift, SwiftUI and other frameworks for Apple platforms.

The Blog is open to guest submissions. We're planning to publish tons of interesting articles from Apple developers around the globe, and build a great resource for beginners as well as experts.

Submit an article πŸ“

Do you want to write about Swift/SwiftUI, app design, or anything else related to developing for Apple platforms? Reach out to our audience Apple developers & users and promote your profile or product while giving back to the community!

Learn more here.


We've built a brand new Support Center where you can find answers to various questions about purchasing or using our apps, and get in touch if you need assistance.

License Manager

The Support Center also features a brand new License Manager where you can easily manage your subscriptions and retrieve license keys or receipts, without having to contact support.

Looking Forward

We have so much more going on behind the scenes, and we can't wait to show you what we've been working on! With the launch of this new website we hope to bring more value to existing apps and customers, while also supercharging our upcoming projects with a future-proof web platform. We're just getting started!

About Cindori

We're a small company dedicated to enhancing the Mac experience. We've released several popular apps for Mac, including Trim Enabler and Sensei, with millions of users worldwide.

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