Cindori Team
Cindori TeamNovember 1, 2023

Announcing Backdrop, our Mac Wallpaper Engine

Announcing Backdrop, the Next-Gen Wallpaper Engine for macOS. Learn more about our new app release and get notified of the Early Access Beta.

A groundbreaking Mac Wallpaper Engine

At Cindori, we are always working towards enhancing the Mac experience. Over the last four years, we have been working on a brand new Mac app. Today, we are pleased to announce Backdrop, the ultimate Wallpaper Engine for macOS.

Why wallpapers?

The desktop wallpaper is a core part of the Mac experience. It's what you see when you open your Mac every day. For many, it's the first thing you change after unboxing your brand new Mac. It inspires you to be more creative, productive, or just feel at home on your Mac.

Despite this, the Mac wallpaper experience has not evolved for decades. Every year, we get a handful of hand-picked preset Apple wallpapers, maybe a few with a niche feature like a day/night transition, and thats it. If you want to experience something different, you're left to google your way through suspicious websites. Even if you manage to find something you like, it's still just going to be a boring static image.

It's time for something new!

A groundbreaking Mac Wallpaper Engine

Backdrop reimagines the Mac desktop experience by replacing the traditional static macOS wallpaper with a brand new type of dynamic scenes.

A Backdrop Scene

Powered by our custom-built Backdrop Engine, a Backdrop scene can render anything from images and video to live shaders and filter effects. The result is a complete transformation of your Mac desktop experience.

An advanced graphics editor

The Backdrop Editor

Backdrop is not just a wallpaper client. It comes with a complete Editor feature, offering a full suite of tools for composing your Backdrops, with familiar concepts such as a canvas with brush tools, layers, inspectors & more.

Your projects and Backdrop scenes can be exported to our custom file formats, allowing you to store and transfer them easily.

A Backdrop Scene

A brand new platform for sharing digital artworks

But we're not just stopping there. We want to build a vibrant community of creators from all over the world, and offer a safe place to find the best Backdrops. So we're also building Backdrop Browser, a community-driven platform where everyone can browse, download and upload their own Backdrops. All built into the same app.

The Backdrop Browser

Early Access Beta

Backdrop is the most ambitious app project we've undertaken. A lot of work remains to fine-tune all the features, optimize performance and test it on as many Mac configurations as possible.

We will release Backdrop in Early Access Beta in January. If you want to be part of our journey to transform the Mac experience, make sure to sign up for our newsletter to be notified when the Beta is available.

We're super excited to share more about Backdrop in the coming months. Stay tuned for more regular progress updates on our Blog.